VIP schedule for the NESA booth on Saturday, July 20th

Has the rain cancelled your Jambo activities? Have no fear because the NESA exhibit has some great presenters lined up:

1 pm: Dr. Michael Manyak, a pioneer in expedition medicine who, among other things, has been to the wreck of the Titanic in a submersible
2 pm: NESA Director Bill Steele, who is a world-class caver and has helped expand the maps of several major cave systems
2:30 pm: Dr. Lee Berger, a paleoarcheologist who serves as an explorer-in-residence for the National Geographic Society

Also, at 3:45, we’ll have a reunion of NESA scholarship winners.

And, of course, you can still see Regis the bald eagle and help create our Scout pole, which will become a permanent fixture at the Summit.

A Different Kind of Toughness

Contributed by Brian Woznicki, NESA@SBR Remote Staff

Make sure to meet the cast of Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout at 12:30pm onward today.

Are you tough? How can you be tougher?

These questions may sound like they are from a gang leader’s interview. But, I believe they are questions that every scout and scouter should ask themselves, especially during the 2013 Jamboree.

When we hear or read the word “tough”, certain images come to mind. They may be images of football players, soldiers, first responders or, even a neighborhood bully. The image of a Boy Scout is not likely to leap into our minds.

Yet, if we truly live the Scout Oath and Law, I believe we must have a certain toughness about us.

Let me tell you about one really tough scouter who I have known in my nearly 50 years of Scouting.

William L. “Bill” Kenny was born in Newfound land in 1924. He grew up near the sea and had a deep admiration for the beauty and power of God as found everywhere in creation. As a youth, Bill was a commercial fisherman. During World War II he served in Canada’s Merchant Navy. He later moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania. Bill worked as a grinder for ITE Imperial Corporation of Philadelphia. Bill’s experiences as a fisherman and a grinder helped Bill develop his own, personal brand of toughness.


Bill shown on left.

Bill has a rugged restlessness about him. This led him to start Scout Troop 652 in 1964. But, this was no ordinary scout troop. Troop 652 was, at its founding, for boy who lived at St. Edmond’s Home for Children in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. All the boys at St. Edmond’s had physical disabilities. Most of the boys used wheelchairs; others walked using crutches canes or other mobility aids.

So what’s this got to do with me and my toughness?

Well, here is the connection. Bill used his toughness to build up the toughness in every one of his scouts.

In Bill’s troop there were no short cuts, no byes, no doing less because these scouts had disabilities. Bill had a gift for finding strength, a toughness in each of his scouts. Once he found where a scout’s strength was he nurtured it; giving it every opportunity to grow and blossom.

So, what has been the result?

Bill’s troop boasts over two dozen Eagle Scouts, the troop regularly took blue ribbons at district camporees, alumni of the troop have gone on to complete college, have successful careers, and one of “Bill’s Boys” is currently serving on staff at the 2013 Jamboree.

Bill’s is a different kind of toughness. You could call it “Scout Tough”.

So, I ask you, are you Scout Tough? How can you be Scout Tougher? You can read an article about Bill, a few of his scouts and their troop here


NESA at SBR VIP schedule for Thursday

Here is the VIP schedule for the NESA tent for Thursday, July 18th. We look forward to seeing you there!

18 – July       Thursday     4     11:00     Terry Grove

18- July        Thursday     4     11:45     General Michael Cunniff

18- July        Thursday     4     12:30      Are You Tougher Cast


Have you met Regis?

What weighs 7 pounds, has a 7-foot wingspan, and serves as the ambassador for the NESA exhibit at the Jamboree? Regis, our resident bald eagle, of course.

A resident of the Three Rivers Avian Center (, Regis was hatched in March 2008 and was injured in June 2009. He can no longer fly, but is regal nonetheless.

Regis and his handler, Wendy Perrone, are at the NESA exhibit in Legacy Village each day from 10 to 5. Visitors are welcome to stop by, take pictures, and ask Wendy more about Regis and bald eagles in general.

TRAC has had an education program for 20 years, so Perrone has heard just about every question imaginable. She was surprised this week, however, when a Scout asked if Regis was an animatronic bird. (He’s not.)

Often, people don’t ask questions when they first see Regis. “People just stop,” Perrone said. “Their jaws drop.”

National Eagle Scout Association VIP List (For 2013 Jamboree)

We at NESA are excited to announce the VIP list that will be showing up on Tuesday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 17th. Come to the NESA tent located in the Summit Center (Legacy village) to check them out and see all the cool stuff we have on display! Check back often for updates!

16-July Tuesday 2 1:00 PM General Michael Cunniff
16-July Tuesday 2 1:45 PM Buey Tut
16-July Tuesday 2 2:30 PM Alvin Townley
16-July Tuesday 2 3:15 PM Clay Courts
16-July Tuesday 2 4:00 PM Konzelman Brothers

17-July Wednesday 3 11:00 AM Alvin Townley
17-July Wednesday 3 11:45 AM General Michael Cunniff
17-July Wednesday 3 12:30 PM Buey Tut
17-July Wednesday 3 1:30 PM Konzelman Brothers
17-July Wednesday 3 2:15 PM Clay Courts


Story by Mark Ray, NESA@SBR Staff

With the National Boy Scout Jamboree starting in a few days two Parsons, Kansas men are heading to West Virginia, but they aren’t just hauling their bags.  They’re also taking a 1,600 pound log that’s being turned into a scout pole actually.

Jim Schmitz and John Davis will be hauling the log more than a thousand miles over the next few days.


Schmitz has carved the poles before for Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and he says that he doesn’t ever want to do it as a business, just his main hobby.




“It seems like I was a boy raised on a farm too far from town to learn baseball so I always had a pocket knife and it just seemed like the natural things to do,” says Schmitz, District Advancement Chair.

For this year’s National Boy Scout Jamboree, held July 15th through the 24th, Schmitz will be finishing the pole in West Virginia while teaching kids with a hands on approach.

“I had to do some of the carving here (in Parsons) because I had a limited amount of time there to do it and I had to make sure that even if I don’t get very many people to help I’ve got time that I could finish it on my own
if I had too,” says Schmitz. ”I think it’s going to be one of those project in which the people that helped Jim will look back and say ‘oh, I am so pleased I did that, that was the highlight of the whole trip,’” says John Davis.

It’s a project that started with a phone call from the national office.  It features the National Eagle Scout Association emblem along with many other eagles.

“The wings of the eagle appear to be supporting the earth and it symbolizes Eagle Scouts dedication to the whole world,” says Schmitz.

While Schmitz says he’s excited about the trip he says he’s only doing it because he loves beings a part of the Boy Scouts.

“They teach character and leadership and they give the kids activities and things that help out with life skills, many times career opportunities, it’s just a great organization that I believe in or I wouldn’t do it.”

Schmitz has another carving planned for the ranch in Sedan next year.


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